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spacephrawg Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
I recently discovered some 3d printed bits i think you might be interested in.
Custom3dnerf on ebay and Jodocast both now make the best 3d printed 7shot turrets for the hammershot.

Also out of australia, have a large assortment of bits and bobs for nerf blasters including muzzle brakes, shotgun grip conversion kits, and realistic mod kits for retaliator barrels. 

Closer to home are some Etsy sellers:
this guy makes two shotgun grip kits for the Retaliator, one horizontal, one vertical and similar to a pre-war Thompson's front grip:…

This guy makes a wider assortment of things including muzzle adapters, barrel extensions, an unrealistic stock that can carry a mag, and handsome external dart holders.…

Cast resin  grip sheath for hammershot grips that make grip improvement easy and repeatable:…

Meanwhile from Germany via Etsy, some similar things of higher artistic quality but you have to specially ask him to ship to the US through private message because it costs extra:
He's going to come out with an MP44 kit soon, he tells me.

Also apparently Worker now sells on Amazon. 

Custom3dnerf on ebay also makes a pump action kit and stock piece for the Nerf Apollo as well as other useful things.  He now also sells a replacement turret for the Cyclonshock that can fire three elite darts at a time per shot but as with other rebarreling efforts, I am told that unless the blaster is shooting in its stock configuration, you will eventually wreck the plunger shaft because there isn't enough back pressure to protect it from impact.  however that doesn't mean you can't also shoot buzz bee mega sized darts which are said to work better than nerf brand.

Meanwhile in Singapore:
Area503 are a small time outfit who make a piece that can convert any conventional nerf breech to a sealed breech, with the help of brass, that can fire from a stefan clip:!unive…

Via facebook, gavinfuzzycustoms currently makes the most ergonomically comfortable retaliator shotgun grip according to user testimonials I've read in FB nerf groups. 

Also via facebook, Zaurko Nerf Mods sells the only good replacement hammershot turret that can take brass. it only has six chambers but brass is brass.  You have to jump through a few hoops to order from him but he tells you how.

There are some nifty things coming out of China besides Worker but at the mometn you can only get them through Taobao via an agent.  They include a metal alternative to teh Area503 part.

Via Germany again though it's hard to get through to him, one mr. "Dr. Snikkas" makes machined aluminum replacement flywheel cages for various existing popular nerf flywheel blasters with replacement grooved flywheeels but what makes them different is the motor mounts are canted in such a way that they make the darts spin.  Also they are brassed in a special way that makes the darts pass through the system in a more consistent way than they would stock.  it's a bit expensive though.  At the mometn you have to contact him through the forums but according to Bobololo's interview on youtube, he is working on an international web store. 

However there is a growing consensus that the best stock foam dart blaster currently on the market is actually the buzzbee sentinel which has a plunger volume similar to the longshot and can hit 100fps out of the box.  Also it's as low as $13 in many places including Kmart.  The Buzzbee Snipe is respectable too though slightly more expensive.  Custom3dnerf says he might make a 3d printed stock extension for the Sentinel btw. 
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